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Monday 2 March 2020
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Protecting people’s lives government’s top priority: spox

MNA – Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabiei, said the government will exert every effort to tackle the current situation amid the coronavirus outbreak, as it considers people’s health a priority.

Addressing a presser via video conference on Monday, Rabiei said, “Despite some countries that put their people’s lives in danger for the sake of their own political and economic expediencies, we always put the Iranian people’s lives and health on top of our agenda.”

“The Islamic Republic immediately announced the outbreak of the coronavirus after the first positive result was detected in the country,” he said.

The spokesman noted that different organizations, bodies and authorities are cooperating to supply the medical needs of people in order to meet the hiking demand in the country.

Over 400,000 liters of disinfectants are produced every day in the country, and "plans are underway to produce 1.5 million face masks to overcome the initial shock created in the market by the unexpected virus outbreak.”

He stressed that the government has put the situation under control and we will strongly move toward eradicating the problem.

Rabiei also expressed gratitude to the Iranian people for their unity and cooperation in conducting safety measures, urging them to follow the Health Ministry’s advice regarding the issue so as to ease the grounds for addressing the problem.

The government spokesman said other compensatory measures, such as the extension of loan repayments for economic activists, have been determined to help people overcome the situation.
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