19 Jul 2024
Iran Air Force outfits F1 warplanes with indigenous radar, other military equipment
Press TV - The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) says it has outfitted its Mirage F1 fighter jets with indigenously-developed radars and various other equipment of domestic manufacture.

IRIAF Deputy Commander Brigadier General Amir Vahedi made the remarks to Tasnim News Agency, which published them on Friday.

The domestic detection apparatus has done away with the aircrafts previous shortcomings in the area of radar surveillance capability, the official added.

The Islamic Republic has already armed the warplanes with Iranian-built weapon systems, making them capable of carrying various projectiles, including indigenous cruise missiles with up to 300 kilometers (186 miles) in range.

The French-made warplanes can be deployed for various missions, including those designed to turn the tables on the enemy during aerial warfare. They can also be used for provision of logistical support for ground operations.

France had armed the Iraqi military with a number of the warplanes during former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hosseins Western-backed imposed war of 1980-88 against the Islamic Republic.

Years later, a number of Iraqi aircraft, including some Mirages, fled to Iran to escape capture prior to the Persian Gulf War in 1991, which saw the United States and its allies attacking Iraq for its annexation of Kuwait under Saddam.

Tehran confiscated the aircraft as partial compensation for the losses, which were imposed on it during the former warfare.
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