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Sunday 2 February 2020 - 17:31
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Flag carrier denies plane skidded off runway in airport west of Iran

Press TV - Irans main airline company Homa, known internationally as IranAir, has denied reports that one of its planes encountered technical problems while landing at an international airport west of the country.

Homa said in a Saturday statement that its flight 283 coming from the capital Tehran ended safely in Kermanshah airport and there were no technical issues involved.

It said, however, that snow on the runway and low visibility caused one of wheels of the 17-year-old Airbus A319-111plane to miss the landing strip by few meters.
Low visibility and the taxiway being blanketed due to heavy snow was the cause for the front wheel of the airplane to enter the grass area of the airport, it said.
The statement, covered by the IRIB News, came after reports on social media suggested that a Homa plane had skidded off the runway after landing in Kermanshah airport.

Those reports came several days after a similar incident in southern Iran where a plane operated by the Caspian Airlines slid off the runway and into a highway outside the airport in the city of Mahshahr.

Irans aviation sector is facing a series of tough bans imposed by the United States which make it difficult for airlines in the country to get the delivery of spare parts and maintenance services from abroad.

Major global aerospace groupshave refused to deliver to Iran planes that the country had ordered before itcame under American sanctions in November 2018.

However, regular maintenance services conducted by Iranian technicians and engineers have helped carriers keep ageing and new aircraft airworthy even at the peak of travel seasons in the country.
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