21 Feb 2024
Tuesday 15 October 2019 - 17:13
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Zam arrested through coop. with other intelligence agencies: IRGC

MNA An official in the IRGC headquarters said that Ruhollah Zam was arrested after a complex intelligence operation and through cooperation with other intelligence services.

Intelligence forces had been keeping a careful watch over Ruhollah Zams movements for a long time and he stepped into intelligence trap of IRGC some two years ago; ultimately, we were able to arrest him through cooperation with other intelligence services, Second Brigadier General Mohammad Tavallaei, a high-ranking military official in IRGC headquarters, said on Tuesday.

The remark came as IRGC announced on Monday that its Intelligence Organization has arrested Ruhollah Zam, admin of an anti-Iranian website and Telegram channel Amad News, by tricking foreign intelligence agencies.

Zam was a key figure of intelligence services for throwing the country into disarray...and driving a wedge between the Iranian people and government, said Tavallaei, adding, He was under the strong support of other intelligence services but we trapped and arrested him through a meticulous intelligence operation.

All those individuals who have been deceived by foreign intelligence and anti-Revolution agencies should know that these countries will abandon them as soon as coming under pressure or facing a threat, he said.

IRGC said in its Monday statement that it has guided Zam towards Iran and then made the arrest, noting that further information about the operation will soon be revealed.

Following the IRGC's announcement, Iran's parliament members issued a statement thanking Iran's intelligence services for the successful operation.
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