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Wednesday 4 September 2019 - 13:21
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Zarif says "too early" to talk about "demise" of JCPOA

IRNA Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said that Iran nuclear deal is not dead yet and it is too soon to talk about its end, but, the Europeans were not able to fulfill their commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

"Unfortunately, the Europeans have not been able to put their money where their mouth is. They have been stating their support for the JCPOA but they have not been prepared to take the risks and to invest in order to maintain a great achievement of diplomacy, Zarif told Russia Today on Tuesday.

Referring to his deputy's meeting with the French officials, Zarif said that the meetings were only about "their own commitments" and not about "renegotiating" the deal.

Zarif said that Iran has been living under 40 years of pressure and sanctions and is able to build its future "with or without the JCPOA, adding that if the deal is dead, it will be "a blow to diplomacy, not a blow to Iran. Iran has many choices. Iran has achieved stability in economy, reduction of inflation, and increase in economic growth.

He added that the ties between Iran and the non-EU signatories of the deal, i.e. China and Russia, are good, but, the Europeans have just made "general statements in support of the JCPOA" and have done nothing special to counter the US "Economic Terrorism" against Iran.

"All of us, when we went to primary school or high school, we had bullies in our class. And bullies would not stop if people just look at them while they beat another student. Once they beat the first student, they go after the second, and the third, and the fourth."

Zarif added that Europe should know that the US thirst for violating the international laws "will not stop with the JCPOA, as it has not".

"If the Europeans cannot do their part [in preserving the JCPOA], then we will all lose including the United States."

Regarding Instrument in Support of Trade and Exchange (INSTEX), he said that it is a "prerequisite" for the Europeans to implementing their JCPOA commitments and the eleven commitments they made after the US withdrawal from the international deal.

Insistence of the US on using the dollar and economy as weapon in order to wage war against others will lead to its demise.

"Excessive use of any means of power will eventually lead to its demise."

The US is using the same major against China, Russia, and others,which will lead to demise of the US economic might, he said.

Regarding the military presence of the US in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, he said that militarization will increase "insecurity" rather than security in "the narrow waterway."

There will be no security in the region without Iran, he said adding that freedom of shipping, like other international laws, is "a global commodity".

"You cannot have freedom of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz, and not in the Suez Canal or the strait of Gibraltar The US is destroying the international law in general."

Regarding a question about "being physically locked in the Sea of Oman", he said that Iran is not worried about that because if it comes to that, we have the greatest power in the region.

"No amount of foreign fire power that comes to this region will be able to change that balance. It will only add to insecurity."

He said that Iran is not threatening to block them. Freedom of shipping and energy security are the right of everybody and there should be no exception for that.

Regarding the "piracy" that happened in the Gibraltar during which an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil was seized, he said that if the US uses its economic influence to deprive Iran of selling its oil "officially and transparently", Iran will use "all other methods" to sell oil because the US has started a warfare against Iran to prevent the traditional customers of Iranian oil from buying oil from Iran.

"And it doesn't not mean we'll simply succumb to US pressure."

Seizing Iran's tanker in the Gibraltar was due to the US pressures, not the EU sanctions and the tweet of John Bolton is a proof for that. Bolton said it was the best July 4th present the UK could have given to the US.
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