16 Apr 2024
Thursday 1 August 2019 - 18:29
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SCI reviews inflation rates, income deciles in Iran

Financial Tribune - Ilam Provinces goods and services Consumer Price Index registered an increase of 60.8% during the fourth Iranian month (June 22-July 22) compared with the similar month of last year, the highest among all of Iran's provinces.

The year-on-year CPI increase was the lowest for Fars Province with 41.8%, the Statistical Center of Iran reported.

The overall goods and services CPI in Iran registered a YOY increase of 48% for the month.

The overall CPI calculated for the country (using the Iranian year to March 2017 as the base year) stood at 179.7 in the month ending July 22, indicating a 2.8% rise compared with the previous month.

The growth in CPI compared with the previous month was the highest for Lorestan (5.4%) and lowest for Sistan-Baluchestan (0.7%).
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