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Iran, UAE vow to strengthen diplomatic, border ties

Iran, UAE vow to strengthen diplomatic, border ties
IRNA - Iranian and UAE Border Guards Commanders in a meeting on Tuesday called for strengthening diplomatic relations and securing the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.

Brigadier General Qasem Rezaee, Border Guard Commander of Irans Police met with Coast Guard Commander of the UAE Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Mesbah Al-Ahbabi on Tuesday aiming at developing diplomatic ties and consolidating border security.

The Iranian commander noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has long-standing and historical relations with the UAE on various levels and subjects, and this relationship was still ongoing between investors, fishermen and traders.

He described the situation at the border of the Islamic Republic of Iran with 8,755 kilometers and went on to say that Iran is in struggle with terrorist groups and transit of narcotics trafficking in the eastern borders of the country. In fact, Since the US arrival in Afghanistan, drug production has grown from 200 tons to 9,000 tons.

Trafficking is a big problem for the two countries' borders guards, which this joint meeting can be a turning point in reaching a desirable security point, said Border Guard Commander.

Brigadier General Mesbah Al-Ahbabi, commander of the UAE Coast Guard, also welcomed the expansion of border ties between the two countries, saying that Iran is at the forefront of the fight against drug trafficking and commended Irans efforts in this regard.

Iran has a long and shared border with its neighbors, he said adding that Iran's security indicates the country enjoy a proper border management.

The UAE Coast Guard Commander emphasized the promotion of border relations and said that joint actions and coordination should continue to maintain the safety of trade and maritime.
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