9 Dec 2023
Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Business as usual at Iran's waters: Senior official

IRNA Normal traffic of ships belonging to giant international shipping companies in Iran's water is going on as usual, a senior Iranian official said on Tuesday.

Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran, Mohammad Rastad said that all commercial shipping activities in Iran's waters and ports are normal.

Speaking at a ceremony on the international day of hydrography, he said that non-oil imports rose by 15 percent.

Iran's non-oil exports double the imports in terms of weight, the official said, adding that the exports were 13 million tons since the beginning of the Persian year (started March 23, 2019).

Assessing the fleet under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as those owned by the Iranian companies as satisfactory, he said that the US sanctions cannot deprive Iran of maritime exchanges.

Iran's maritime potential, he said, will neutralize the sanctions.

Over past year, Iran had a 135-million-ton transaction at commercial ports, according to the official.

Given the volume of activities in Iranian ports in the first quarter of this year, it is expected that the trend of the activities would remain as usual, even if no new development occurs in the sphere, he said.

Commenting on the recent sabotages against tankers in the Persian Gulf, the official said that no decision on avoiding Iran's waters has been announced on the part of international shipping companies.
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