9 Dec 2023
Sunday 16 June 2019
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UK envoy reacts to his summoning

MNA UK ambassador to Iran Rob Macaire claims that he had not been summoned by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, rather, he was the one asking for an urgent meeting.

Interesting. And news to me. I asked for an urgent meeting with the Foreign Ministry yesterday and it was granted. No summons, Macaire wrote on Sunday in response to a tweet which announced his summoning.

Of course if formally summoned I would always respond, as would all Ambassadors, he added.

This is while in a Sunday statement, Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that it had summoned the UK envoy over the unacceptable accusations leveled by London against Tehran.

In the meeting, Assistant Foreign Minister for Europe Mahmoud Barimani has expressed Tehrans strong protest to the British governments unacceptable anti-Iran stances, adding that the accusations have been leveled without presenting any documents and proof, and are in line with Washingtons policy in that regard.

"The popular reactions against Britain emanate from such approaches adopted by this country in support of US officials' unfounded allegations about different issues, including the issue mentioned above," the Foreign Ministry official said.

Barimani urged the British government to adopt realistic stances which conform to the realities of the policies adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the need for London to revisit its approach.

Britain is the only European country that has sided with Trump's administration in wrongly accusing Iran of being behind attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday.
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