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Pakistan desires de-escalation of Iran-US tension

Pakistan desires de-escalation of Iran-US tension
IRNA - A leading Pakistani English news daily says Islamabad has urged both Iran and US to show restraint adding that any attack on Iran will be destructive for the regional peace.

The Nation it its report quoting senior officials of the foreign ministry said that Pakistan had spoken to both the US and Iran over the issue and urged restraint.

We have conveyed our concerns to the US. We believe any attack on Iran will be destructive for the regional peace, said one official.

Another official said that Pakistan had contacted Iran and advised restraint. We have urged both the sides to ensure peace, he maintained.

Earlier, the US government approved the deployment of a Patriot missile defence battery and another warship to the Middle East amid increasing tensions between the US and Iran.

Tensions between Iran and the US have escalated sharply in recent weeks. The US unilaterally backed out of a 2015 nuclear pact in May 2018, giving countries worldwide a year to stop buying Iranian oil or face US sanctions.

The report says amid US-Iran tension, Pakistan aims to complete the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project soon despite Washingtons reservations.

Islamabad has decided to send demarches to US, European council and other related forums on the IP project. Prime Minister Imran Khan has already asked Foreign Minister Shah
Mehmood Qureshi to resolve the irritants to complete the project.

For years, Pakistan and Iran have been working to complete the IP gas pipeline project soon to resolve Pakistans energy crisis. IP pipeline project - also called Peace Pipeline is aimed at constructing a pipeline from Irans South Pars fields by the Persian Gulf to Pakistans major cities of Karachi and Multan.
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