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Sunday 8 July 2012 - 16:17
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Iranian flag hoisted in Israel

Iranian flag hoisted in Israel
Islamic Republic of Iran's flagwas raised over a school in Israel.

A Christian school official in Israel was shocked seeing anIranian flag has been raised alongside flags of Argentina, Germany, and Spain.

The Israel Education Ministry is investigating who is responsible for hanging an Iranian flagat the Mar YousefNazarethBaptist School. But it's still unclear who is responsible for this and what the intent was.

Police also said that the display of the Iranian flag was "a crime, and we will look into how it came to be flown," Mashregh news reported.

School principal Dr. Riyad Kamel denied that any of the flags belonged to the school. "We don't have flags, not ofIranand not ofHizbullah," he said. "I don't know who hung the flag without us knowing."

Some Nazareth residents, who were surprised to see the flag, said this might be an act of incitement, while others didn't see it as a problem, saying that the school is the one who hung (the flags) as part of its studies about other countries.
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it shows tht iran cn reach israel .so funny event .israelis do nt knw how iranian flag has appeared in there . be awar u damn israeelis.