19 Apr 2024
Saturday 11 May 2019 - 16:14
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Efficient railroads needed to help curb fuel consumption in Iran

Financial Tribune - Total annual energy consumption in Iran is almost equal to the energy produced by burning 1.4 billion barrels of crude oil.

The Iran Fuel Conservation Company says more than 35% of the energy is consumed in buildings. Industries and agriculture account for 24% and 17% respectively and the remaining (24%) or the equivalent of 320 million barrels is used for transportation.

Regarding energy consumed in the key transportation sector, gasoline, diesel and natural gas comprise 48%, 34% and 15% respectively.

Energy officials, including Mohsen Delaviz the head of IFCC, say the massive energy consumption for transporting people and goods is rooted in old and dilapidated vehicles plus poor intra-city and intercity railroads.
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