21 Jun 2024
LatestLYy - The Levantine belt, including other parts of the Persian Gulf, will attempt to sight the Ramadan 2019 crescent today. The Hilal Committees in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel will look for the Ramadan moon today evening. If the moon gets sighted, the fasts will begin from tomorrow. If the crescent remains invisible, the region will observe Ramadan from Monday. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates of Ramadan moon sighting in Middle East.

With the sighting of Ramadan moon, the taraweeh or Quran recitation in form of prayers will begin from tonight in all mosques in the region. If the crescent is not sighted, the taraweeh namaz will be held from tomorrow.

Most of the Middle East region barring Iran, will also wait for the announcement to be issued by Masjid al-Haram or the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The Saudi authorities, after confirming with their Hilal committee, is expected to make an announcement post Namaz-e-Maghrib.

While most of the world in western hemisphere will attempt sighting the moon tomorrow, the Indian subcontinent and other parts of South Asia and Southeast Asia will look for the crescent on Sunday, and (if not sighted) on Monday.

In Ramadan, Muslims are duty bound to fast from dawn to dusk. During the period, they abstain from all forms of food, liquid and also water. However, minors, those reeling under illness, pregnant and menstruating women are exempted from fasting.
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