21 Jun 2024
Tuesday 30 April 2019 - 14:28
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IRGC senior commander warns US against any hostile move

MNA The IRGC Deputy Coordinator Admiral Ali Fadavi has warned of vigorous response against United States hostile actions.

When the Americans have done something, they have always faced firm responses and from now on, if they take any actions, they will definitely receive a response, IRGC Deputy Coordinator Admiral Ali Fadavi said in a conference at Iran University of Science and Technogy dubbed IRGC, Power and Security, on Monday.

The senior IRGC commander added we are more powerful than ever now and the Americans know that well.

Fadavi rejected the US claims on closing of IRGC commanders bank accounts in foreign banks, stressing that the IRGC commanders do not have any bank accounts outside the country to be blocked.

He further noted that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp's power extends beyond Iran and unlike the past, we can fight the enemy thousands of kilometers away.

Fadavi also said that the most powerful specialist experts are working within the IRGC and Basij structure, adding had not been for the IRGC, the largest condensate refinery entitled Persian Gulf would not have existed.
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