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Tuesday 30 April 2019 - 11:22
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US will see Iran keeping oil exports: President Rouhani

IRNA Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday poured cold water to hot statements of US officials by saying that Iran will keep on oil exports and the US will find out that it was 'a mistake' to think that Iranian oil exports can be halted.

Rouhani who was addressing a national festival of Iranian laborers in Tehran, said, 'The Americans are trying to cut Iran's revenues through economic pressures and hindering oil exports, but, Godwilling, we will bring them to their knees.'

'Preventing Iran's oil exports to halt it was the Americans' wrong thought and decision,' he said affirming that it will not be realized.

'They would see in the coming months that we would have been keeping exporting oils,' the Iranian president said.

Iran's paths of oil exports are not limited to one way, rather there are six alternatives that would never come to the Americans' mind, he said.

Describing the laborers on the frontline of confronting the US, the president said, 'They would resist to the US economic pressures and threats by working hard to boost production.'

The first and foremost goal of the US officials in sanctions against Iran is to cut its foreign revenues, and a main source of the revenues for Iran has been selling oil, condensates and oil and gas related industries, he said referring to the sanctions that the US President Donald Trump imposed on Iran after a unilateral withdrawal from the international nuclear deal in May 2018.

Washington has explicitly announced that the sanctions were imposed to target the oil-based economy of Iran. The US last week announced that it would not extend sanctions waiver for Iran's crude major buyers.
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