24 Apr 2024
Saturday 9 March 2019 - 09:32
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Economic problems to be left behind: Iran VP

IRNA - The Vice President of Iran has stressed that the economic problems people are facing today will surely be left behind.

Mohammad Baqer Nobakht added here on Friday that 'in the 40th victory anniversary of the revolution, there has been not a single day that enemies did not make any problem for us.

Today, the US president cries out and claims that he wants to bring the Iranian people to their knees. But he is unaware that the most powerful states were not able to do anything in the last 40 years and, in principle, because of this, they sat down with us at the negotiating table, Nobakht said.

The head of the country's Planning and Budget Organization, said that today the Islamic Republic of Iran is stronger than 40 years ago.

'Today, the Basij(Volunteer forces), the Army and the IRGC are at the height of power; the country is scientifically ranked 15th in the world, and the country's economy is one of the 18 major economies in the world,' he said.

He added that to achieve a decisive victory, the element of obedience to leadership, empathy, and great efforts are necessary.
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