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Friday 22 February 2019 - 12:22
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Salehi: Iran has technological power to return to pre-JCPOA situation

IRNA - Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said on Thursday that Iran boasts of technological powers to return to the pre-JCPOA situation.

Talking to Al-Jazeera on Iran; Challenges after Warsaw Conference as well as critiques about Irans missile power, he added that Irans ballistic missiles are non-negotiable.

Describing Warsaw Conference and attempts made against Iran as doomed to failure, he said, We attach no significance to the conference.

We deem it inconclusive, he reiterated.

Recalling failure of the American officials and Zionist regimes prime minister in the conference for promoting Iranophobia, he said that they reached no decision about Iran and this was a big disgrace for them.

Highlighting Irans capabilities for bypassing US sanctions, Salehi said, True, we have economic problems, but given self-sufficiency in many areas, we have the potential to leave behind the situation.

We have gained much experience over the past 40 years and sanctions are not something new and Iran has got stronger over the past years, he said.

Salehi reiterated that Iran will not surrender to foreign pressures, as it has reached self-sufficiency in many fields.

Calling for European countries adherence to their commitments under JCPOA, he said that they have taken the first step, but they should take further steps and fulfill promises they gave in JCPOA.

Elsewhere in his interview, he dealt with certain countries criticisms regarding Irans regional policies, especially those regarding Syria, saying that Iran has been standing alongside Syrian nation and government and its presence in the country was at their request.

Iran wants nothing but goodness for Persian Gulf states, Salehi said, noting that Iran favors stability and security in the region but they think otherwise.

Irans president and foreign minister have said on several occasions that they are ready for talks with Saudi Arabia, especially about their problems with Iran.
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