24 Jun 2024
Tuesday 29 January 2019 - 12:31
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Iran has no intention to increase missile range: top security official

MNA Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said Iran has no intention to increase the range of its missiles according to its defense doctrine.

Ali Shamkhani made the remark on Tuesday in a national conference on space technology.

The top security official said the media hype created by Western and Israeli news outlets around Irans space program and relating it to the countrys missile capabilities is an attempt to divert the public opinion from the facts.

Iran has no difficulty, scientific- or execution-wise, to increase the range of its military missiles, but it has no intention to increase the range of its missiles based on its defense doctrine, he added.

Iran launched a scientific satellite into space earlier this month to collect environmental information to boost the country's forecasting system. However, technical problems that occurred during the final stage of the launch prevented the satellite from reaching orbit.

The launch came amid US and Israeli regimes threats that the move violated the 2015 nuclear deal and the UNSC Resolution 2231, while Iran has stressed that there is no military aspect to its satellite activity.
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