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Spox dismisses Iran-France talks on missile program

IRNA - Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi dismissed Tehran-Paris talks on Iran's missile program.

In his weekly news conference on Monday in response to a question on rumors about Iran-France talks on missile program, Qasemi elaborated, 'I do not know about such talks and the documents you are talking about. I can wait for you to submit the documents and then answer.'

'There is certainly no such talk,' he said, 'Our position on the missile program is very clear and we have often expressed our positions and the whole world is aware of these positions.'

Meanwhile, Qasemi made the remarks, 'We have several meetings with many European countries in Asia and the countries of the region that are held periodically in Tehran and the capitals of these countries.

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry clarified that 'In these meetings the issues between the two countries are raised in the same manner as the trip made by Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister to Austria, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Qasemi noted, 'We also had meetings with France and will have, which will take place every 6 months in Tehran or Paris, and a wide range of bilateral political, economic, and cultural cooperation will be discussed at these meetings.

He underlined that global issues and international developments could also be discussed at these meetings, expressing, 'What we have been talking with France is also what we have with other countries, but we are not talking about missile issues with anyone in any area because this is related to Iran and we will not give our defense policy to others.

The senior Iranian official stated that 'we will continue to seriously pursue all the policies of Iran set up in Tehran. We have always explained that our policy is defensive and deterrent, not aggressive, and there are clear reasons for this policy. '

The Foreign Ministry spokesman went on to say that 'Europe must know and understand that the Islamic Republic, given the experience of the imposed war and the amount of destructive weapons flowing to the arsenals of the region, should be able to use all available facilities to increase its defense capabilities, and this is not related to others. '

In response to another question about the Warsaw summit, 'The spokesman further highlighted said that he would attend the meeting, 'The countries decide on their own issues. Whether Mr. Hunt attends this meeting or not I do not interfere, but we will certainly monitor this conference.

He reminded that there are diplomatic measures, and said, We will have the necessary criteria to judge and the kind of behavior of the countries towards this meeting is important to us and we will pay attention to it.'
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