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Army deputy commander: Iran not to wait for enemies to attack

FNA - Iranian Army Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined that the Ground Force's Eqtedar 97 wargames staged in the weekend showed that the country is fully prepared to repel any aggression.

"Eqtedar 97 drills proved that the Army's Ground Force is capable of defending the country's borders. It was necessary in the wargames to display that we do not and will not sit idle for attacks," General Sayyari said in an interview with the state TV on Saturday night.

He stressed that the Iranian Ground Forces are capable of making the enemies regret their deeds whenever necessary, adding, "This is exactly the military doctrine which relies on deterrence power."

The Iranian Armys Ground Force held the last stage of its massive military wargames in the Central province of Isfahan on Saturday.

The two-day drills, code-named Eqtedar 97, had kicked off upon an order by Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari on Friday morning.

"The massive Eqtedar 97 wargames of the Army's Ground Force will be staged for two days in an extensive area of Isfahan region on Friday," General Heidari said on Thursday.

He added that different units of the Army's Ground Force, including 12,000 combat and mobile forces, would participate in the wargames.

General Heidari said that different home-made weapons would be tested in the drills and various types of military equipment, including helicopters, drones and fighter jets would be used.

He said that the message of wargames for the friends of Iran was that they could consider the country's military capabilities as part of the power of Islam's army, meantime, adding that the Iranian army was always ready to give a crushing and quick response to any aggression by enemies.

During the first day of the drills, the home-made Mohajer drones and RF-4 fighters carried out reconnaissance missions.

As part of the large-scale Eqtedar 97 military drills two RF-4 fighters successfully carried out their reconnaissance mission over Nasrabad district.

Simultaneously, the drone units of the Army flew two Mohajer drones along with the two RF-4 fighters over the area to carry out their joint reconnaissance mission and send their images of the targets back to their bases on the ground.

On the second and last day of the drills, staged in the presence of Commander of Iran's Army Major General Abdolrahim Moussavi, the Army's combat, reconnaissance and transportation helicopters conducted operations over the wargames zone.

Also, the Iranian Ground Forces used smart and precision-striking cannonballs to hit the targets distanced between 10km to 30km away.

Meantime, the infantry units of the army, equipped with mechanized weapons, attacked the hypothetical enemy targets with direct fire of T72 and Chieftain tanks.

Also, two F7 fighter jets of the Ground Force's Airborne Unit flew over the drills zone on Saturday to support the ground forces, pounding the hypothetical enemy's targets with smart bombs.
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