21 Jun 2024
Sunday 27 January 2019 - 14:58
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'If Iran had not been in Syria, ISIL would have formed gov. in regioní

MNA Ė Iranian First Vice-President Esíhagh Jahangiri said that If Iran had not operated in Syria, ISIL terrorists would have now formed a government and would have power in the region.

He made the remarks Sunday at the 10th Farabi International Award in Tehran.

Jahangiri went on to say that the United States has started an economic and psychological war against the Islamic Republic, adding that Washington is after portraying a vague future for the countryís youth generation.

Terrorist groups were killing innocent people in Syria and Iraq in an effort to define Islam as a violent religion, he added.

Jahangiri went on to say that Iran has gained invaluable experiences during past 40 years which can help the country to overcome current and future problems.

Pointing to US measures against the Iranian nation, he called for increasing efforts to raise hope among Iranian people.

ďToday, elites should also help the government and give warnings whenever required,Ē he stressed, adding, ďtoday itís time for building up trust between each other and in government.Ē

17 works by Iranian and foreign researchers on humanities were awarded at the ceremony.

Farabi International Award is an annual event hosted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in collaboration with UNESCO and ISESCO and several domestic scientific and research centers to promote Islamic humanities.
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