23 May 2024
Friday 11 January 2019 - 21:11
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Delay in implementing SPV to help strengthen Iranís ties with China, Russia

MNA Ė Member of Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that any delay in the implementation of Europeís trade mechanism with Iran dubbed ďSpecial-Purpose VehicleĒ will help Iran to strengthen its ties with China and Russia.

He lashed out at Europe for the delay in the implementation of SPV and said, ďEuropean companies are the major losers in this regard.Ē

Under such circumstances, Iranís relation with countries including China and Russia will be expanded, he reiterated.

He pointed to the prolongation of time for implementing Europeís trade mechanism with Iran ĎSPVí and added, ďup to the present time, European countries could not show their sovereignty with regard to the US pressures in this respect.Ē

Elsewhere in his remarks, Boroujerdi said, ďin the course of 40 years since the glorious victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that it can settle problems especially in sanctions period and can manage its national interests appropriately.Ē

Iran has managed to take giant scientific and technological developments in sanctions period, he said, adding, ďIran has always turned sanctions into opportunity.Ē

Boroujerdi emphasized, ďonce European countries could not resist against US pressures, European companies will be the main losers in this regard, for, Iranís relations with China and Russia would be strengthened.Ē

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