9 Dec 2023
Tuesday 1 January 2019
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Iran complying with all its commitments under Chabahar accord

IRNA - Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran Mohammad Rastad says Iran is complying with all its commitments in Chabahar agreement.

In a meeting with Indian Ambassador in Tehran Saurabh Kumar on Tuesday, Rastad expressed hope that with the continuation of the Indian operator's operations, the appropriate conditions for attending and accepting shipping companies in Chabahar Port were provided.

Rastad pointed to successful holding of the first meeting of Chabahar Agreement Follow-Up Committee and the official start-up of Indian IPGL Company, as the Operator of Chabahar Port, and said, 'One of the goals of the operator's operations the Indian company for the Ports and Maritime Organization is the issue of marketing and product acquisition and increase cargo traffic in Chabahar Port.'

Rastad called the international conference of Chabahar Day, scheduled to be held on February 26 with the participation of all relevant groups active in the port, as one of the important events ahead and made the remarks, 'This Indian company provides on this day the capacities of Chabahar Port to attract investment.'

'The conference of 'Chabahar Day' is a great opportunity for the owners of goods, traders, freight forwarding companies, national and international shipping lines from Iran, India and Afghanistan and other interested countries' he stated and emphasized that one of the main objectives of Chabahar agreement is the arrival and reception of large and international shipping companies in this port.

According to Rastad, it is necessary to set up and use appropriate equipment for receiving large ships and unloading and loading cargos at this port.
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