13 Apr 2024
Tuesday 1 January 2019 - 15:40
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Iran, Syria to cooperate in insurance industry

IRNA - Despite the reimposition of the US sanctions against Iran's insurance industry, an Iranian company agreed to provide reinsurance for a Syrian company to provide ground for rebuilding the country.

In this regard, Amin Reinsurance Company announced on Monday that it had entered into a relationship with the Syrian insurance industry in coordination with Central Insurance to help rebuild the country.

The meeting of Amin Reinsurance Company Managing Director with Syria Insurance Industry managers was held at the invitation of the Arabunion Insurance Company and in coordination with the Islamic Republic of Iran Central Insurance in Damascus.

In the talks, Seyyed Mostafa Kiaee, director of insurance of Amin with 'Aziz Saker' chairman of Arab Rey Insurance Company as the sole Syrian reinsurance company and manager of Bank and Islamic Insurance, Amin Reinsurance Technical Assurance and Arab Rey was reviewed and stipulated that the two sides should begin their cooperation in the field of reinsurance contracts and optional financial insurance offer.
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