25 Apr 2024
Sunday 9 December 2018 - 16:16
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Iranian economic corruptor death sentence approved

IRNA - Iran's judiciary spokesman announced that the death sentence of Hamid Baqeri Darmani was approved by the Supreme Court for bribery and fraud which was issued in the lower court.

Mohseni Ejei said in a press conference on Sunday that the verdicts for a number of the corruptors of the economic system in the court have been issued.

In a relevant news report in mid-November, Vahid Mazloumin, known as Sultan of Coins, was executed in Tehran.

In early July, Mazloumin, 58-year-old gold coin dealer, was arrested.

He and his accomplice Mohammad-Esmaeil Qassemi, who had formed a smuggling gang were convicted of being involved in economic corruption, manipulating the domestic currency market and making illegal deals, and they were sentenced to death.

Based on a report released by Central Bank of Iran (CBI) about nine months ago, and after investigation carried out by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and the Police, a number of key individuals involved in embarrassing the Forex and currency markets were arrested.

In recent months, economic situation and the instability in the Forex market have caused popular discontent.
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