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Sunday 9 December 2018 - 13:20
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Iran, Russia expanding ties in all fields: Ambassador

IRNA Tehran-Moscow relations have increased in all fields and both countries will continue the trend, said Irans ambassador to Russia.

The political, economic, cultural, security, and military relations between Iran and Russia have grown during the past four years and the increasing number of meetings between the officials despite US unilateral sanctions has a clear message, said Mehdi Sanaei in a meeting with Iranian students in Russia at the Islamic Association of Students in Moscow on the occasion of National Students Day (December 7).

Four years ago, there were 200 Iranian students in Russia, but the figure has reached 2000 students now, indicating a tenfold increase, he added.

He said, We are witnessing the same increase in the number of tourists as well. Iranian embassys policy in Russia is to reinforce the trend.

Russian president has met Irans Supreme Leader several times in the past four years, what had never happened between the two countries' officials at this level before, he stressed.

He pointed to the meetings of the two countries' officials and added, Chairman of Russia State Duma is currently in Tehran and Irans parliamentary friendship delegation is visiting Moscow to meet their Russian counterparts.

He stressed, Daesh would still be present in the region if Iran and Russia did not cooperate in combating it. Development of relations in recent years does not mean that they have reached the climax, but I believe that they should go even further, he stressed.

Sanaei said that all the agreements necessary for the development of ties have been issued and there is nothing to hinder it.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the ambassador told students that the embassy makes every effort to solve the issues of the Iranian students in Russia.
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