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Tuesday 4 December 2018 - 13:35
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If Iran can't export oil, no country will do it from the Persian Gulf - Rouhani

Sputnik - President Donald Trump's administration has repeatedly stressed that Washington seeks to cut Iran's oil exports to zero in a bid to curb Tehran's nuclear programme and regional influence.

The United States should know that if Iran is prevented fromexporting oil then no country will be able todo it fromthe Persian Gulf, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said onTuesday ina speech broadcast live onstate TV.

The Islamic Republic's officials previously threatened toretaliate againstUS sanctions onits oil exports byclosing the Strait ofHormuz, the strategic waterway linking Middle East crude producers tocrucial world markets.

Most recently, US Secretary ofState Mike Pompeoreaffirmed Washington's commitment toconfront Iranian 'threats' byputting maximum pressure onthe country.

On 5 November, Washington imposed fresh unilateral restrictions onIran's energy, shipping, and financial industries, witha stated goal ofreducing its oil exports tozero.

In the wake ofthe introduction ofthe new package ofsanctions, Rouhani pledged tocontinue selling oil despitethe 'illegal and unjust' restrictions:
'The fact that the Islamic Republic ofIran can sell its oil and will sell its crude even if these countries [buyers] have not been offered waivers. We would have been selling our oil withhonour We will break these sanctions withhonour, because these sanctions are cruel and are againstinternational law', he was cited byPress TV assaying.

The Trump administration decided togrant temporary waivers toeight countries that will allow them tocontinue importing Iranian oil if they cut their purchases.

The sanctions were introduced followingPresident Trump's decision topull outof the landmark 2015 nuclear deal withIran underwhich the restrictions had been lifted. The first roundof sanctions took effect inAugust.

Other signatories tothe deal Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK have reaffirmed their commitment tothe agreement and have been struggling tobypass the US restrictions.

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robert m ramstad
Iran will have to ask Russians or China to patrol the straights. Make sure the USA and oil allies stay well out of Iranian waters and any tanker leaving Iranian waters. I'm an American and I destest Bullies ... like the Pentagon and the present administration that only understand Bullying. All Bullies need to have their asses kicked so hard they'll they will think twice.