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Tuesday 4 December 2018 - 09:40
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Iranians problems in Serbia, Georgia being purused: FM

IRNA - The spokesman for Iranian foreign ministry said about the problems caused for Iranian citizens in Serbia and Georgia that foreign ministry has certain tasks in this regard and will pursue their rights as far as possible.

Bahram Qasemi stated that Serbia has already cancelled visa termination for Iranian nationals for special internal reasons, as well as prerequisites for entering the European Union and in this regard the case has been closed.

The spokesman went on to say, 'Facilities that have been established after the cancellation of the visa will help Iranians obtain a visa for Serbia on condition of having the conditions.'

He pointed out that 'the directives were given to the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard and we are seriously entering into this matter a few days ago'.

Regarding the deportation of Iranian citizens from the Georgian borders, Qasemi said that it happened on Georgian ground and air borders so that 200 people from the country's borders were deported for various reasons yesterday.

Some of them did not have the necessary documents, and some agencies and groups who lacked the necessary qualifications by taking funds from citizens have tried to deport them to the country, he said.

Qasemi advised those who are planning to travel to Georgia take strict caution and carry authorized documents with them and not to be lured by the companies that dont have the right qualifications in this regard.

At the same time, he said, 'There are some problems related to the Georgian government that are being pursued and we are going to ask our embassy to talk with the relevant authorities in this regard.'

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that some of those who lacked sufficient and valid documents were not allowed to enter, and this is not clear to us, and we will continue dialogue with the Georgian side to clarify the issue and this trend not to continue.

'At the same time, there are reports about few people who were accused of possessing drugs as well as lacking necessary documents that they were just charged,' he said, adding, 'The embassy has a responsibility to pursue the conditions of these people, and clarify the result.'

Foreign Ministry spokesman said in reply to ambiguity about the financial channel between Iran and the EU, including oil for food and determination of the host, 'In relation to the host, it is still too early to judge'.

Qasemi added, 'There are discussions among the European countries that some countries did not have the possibility to undertake the host and other European countries have announced their readiness and the issue with us. We wait for the process to be complete.

He went on to say, 'The American pressure on countries is serious and this is very complex, but the will that are seen in Europeans is positive and I think they are finding solutions to implement the mechanism.'

'We are optimistic and we hope that this process will be done well,' the Foreign Ministry spokesman said, adding, 'That wrong statements and spreading rumors such as oil for food that come from certain centers are baseless.
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