4 Mar 2024
Saturday 24 November 2018 - 11:51
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NIOC CEO appoints heads of key subsidiaries

SHANA - Masoud Karbasian, CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), issued separate decrees appointing heads of the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) and Arvandan Oil and Gas Company.

According to NIOC, Masoud Karbasian, who is also Deputy Petroleum Minister, in separate decrees, appointed Ahmad Mohammadi, as Managing Director of the National Iranian South Oil Company, Jahangir Pourhang, as Managing Director of Arvandan Oil & Gas Co. and Seyed Abdullah Mousavi as the CEO of the National Iranian Drilling Company.

Recognizing and applying the potentialities of their respective companies, revision of the structure and methods with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the fulfillment of tasks, strengthening the companies' bases with a structural and regulatory approach, creating an opportunity for dedicated and committed forces to improve performance and timely and proper missions of their organizations, attracting and employing dedicated, talented and committed forces to enhance the development, operational and management capabilities of the companies and their subsidiaries, and development and deepening of staff training at all levels with the aim of increasing productivity and improving the companies executive mechanisms and training qualified experts and managers were some of the tasks Mr. Karbasian entrusts to the newly-appointed CEOs of the companies.
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