9 Dec 2023
Sunday 4 November 2018
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Ports enjoy high capacities to deal with US sanctions

MNA Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Rastad said that ports enjoy high potentials and capacities to counter US sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Enemy is seeking to impose severe sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran but Irans 230-million tons of capacity in its ports is a great oportunityto countersanctions.

He made the remarks in a specialized session on the role of passive defense in maritime transport industry and emphasized, the country needs to prepare itself in an arduous condition facing maritime industry and different scenarios should be defined for this industry, as well.

He maintained, passive defense plans cannot be defined as static plans without reviewing and updating, because, conditions are constantly changing.

Dependency of country on the ports is changing continuously and we need alternative scenarios during crisis, he opined.

Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of PMO reiterated, as we have special equipment, alternative plans and consecutive training, as well as timing to cope with environmental crises, the same procedure should be taken into consideration for passive defense.

Sustainable security conditions governing the country are considered anadvantage to maritime transport but it may neglect us to pay due attention to the infrastructures of passive defense, Rastad stressed.

He assured that Ports and Maritime Organization enjoys high capability and potential to counter crisis,adding, currently, enemy is seeking to impose tough sanctions on Iran but we will try to meet the demands through taking advantage of 230-million tons of capacity exist in domestic ports.

The deputy roads minister emphasized that Islamic Republic of Iran holds one of the largest oil and nonoil maritime fleets in the world and can counter sanctions significantly.

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