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Monday 22 October 2018 - 09:26
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Germany seeks to deepen cultural relations with Iran: Envoy

MNA German Ambassador to Tehran Michael Klor-Berchtold said that his country is after expanding and cementing cultural ties with Iran.

In a Sunday meeting with Iranian Minister of Culture Abbas Salehi, the German envoy pointed to the long history of relations between the two countries in various fields, adding that Germany seeks to deepen and strengthen cultural ties with Iran.

Iranians love German art and culture, including figures like Goethe, Hegel and Kant, he said, adding that there is need to sing a cultural MoU between the two states.

Klor-Berchtold hoped that Iranian museums would soon hold loan exhibits in Germany, adding that German relics can simultaneously be displayed in Iran.

Elsewhere, he criticized US decision on withdrawing from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying that this should not have happened because this international agreement was a UN Security Council resolution.

Salehi, for his part, said that Irans current administration is determined to expand cultural relations with Germany more than before.

He went on to say that inking a cultural MoU will lead to a better continuation of cultural cooperation.

Touching upon JCPOA, Salehi said that the European countries, especially Germany, have been good partners in maintaining the agreement, but more effort is needed to rebuild this trust.

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