21 Feb 2024
Iranian experts have thwarted a massive cyber attack against the country's nuclear facilities after Iran and world powers met earlier this week in Moscow to discuss Iran's nuclear program, said Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi in a an expert meeting on "human rights and national security".

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said the attack had been plotted by the United States and Israel, along with Britain.

He added that the alleged attackers still seek to carry out their plan, but Iranian authorities had taken preventive measures.

Iran has in the past said it neutralized cyber attacks on its nuclear, industrial and governmental sites, blaming the attacks on the U.S. and Israel. Most recently, the powerful Flame computer malware briefly affected Iran's oil industry, Washington Post reported.

According to foreign media, current and former U.S. and Western national security officials said this week that the United States played a role in creating Flame. They also reported that U.S. and Israel jointly developed Flame and used it to collect intelligence to help slow Iran's nuclear program.

Stating that Iran faces cyber attacks on a daily basis, Moslehi said that US and the West is now pursuing a multifaceted and complex soft war against Islamic Republic of Iran.

Getting out of defensive position, entering the soft war against the United States, helping judicial body to act against American government, and condemning this country in the human rights community are among the strategies to deal with the soft war, ISNA quoted Moslehi as saying.

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