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Syrian refugees to return home: Iranian diplomat

IRNA Senior assistant to Iran's foreign minister for political affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari said on Tuesday that bylaw for the activities of committee for return of Syrian refugees mome was approved during Sochi meeting and the refugees are to return home.

Talking to IRNA, he added that the issue of Syrians returning home was one of the most significant topics of the this round of talks, as it was raised for the first time in the past ten rounds of talks.

Earlier, it was not possible for holding talks about Syrians returning home but Syrian Armys gains in battlefields made it likely to focus on the issue, he said.

Prior to the meeting, I discussed the issue of Syrians returning home with the Russian, Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese officials, he said.

He hoped that the issue which is important both from political and humanitarian points of view will be facilitated through international cooperation during the Syrian peace talks.

Irans senior negotiator on Syrian affairs added that todays meeting was the tenth round of international talks on Syrian peace, which was held in Sochi, while previous rounds were hosted by Kazakh capital city of Astana.

Ansari also said that another significant issue raised during Sochi meetings was compilation of Syrian new Constitution, noting that the next round of the talks was agreed to be held in Geneva.

The tenth round of Syrian peace talks, initiated in Astana in 2016, was held in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.

The two-day talks began on Monday with some bilateral and experts meetings.

Formation of a Syrian constitutional committee, the de-escalation zones established in Syria, and humanitarian issues, were among the topics of the July 30-31 talks.
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