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FFIRI demands Adidas apology over excluding Iran from its website

Press TV - The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) has demanded a formal apology from German sportswear manufacturerAdidas over its decision to exclude Irans name from the list of countries with access to its services.
In a letter addressed to head of the Federations Marketing Committee Hedayat Mombini on Monday, FFIRI President Mehdi Taj wrote, Given the improper and indecorous step taken byAdidas AG with regards to the sacred name of dear Iran on its website, it is necessary to take prompt punitive measures against such a conduct that violates human rights, sign a contract with analternative prior to the start of the Asian Football Confederation(AFC)Asian Cup.
The senior Iranian sports official emphasized in theletter thatno real or legal entity is entitled to offend the Iranian nation, and while stressing the need for an apology to the Iranian nation from Adidas, added that the FFIRIwill stand fast with all its power to defend the dignity of Iran and Iranian people.
The letter concluded, The Adidas move comes despite the fact that the Iran mens national football team has fully honored its commitments both during the signing ceremony with the company and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
Last month, American sportswear manufacturerNike also abruptly decided to withdraw supply of boots to Iranian footballers ahead of the World Cup.

US sanctions mean that, as a US company, Nike cannot supply shoes to players in the Iranian national team at this time. Sanctions applicable to Nike have been in place for many years and are enforceable by law, Nike said in a statement published by ESPN sports television network.

Nikes decision came irrespective of the fact that it had been supplying Team Melli previously, including at the 2014 FIFA World Cup when similar sanctions were in place.

US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington was walking away from a nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany in 2015.

The US president said that he planned to reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose "the highest level" of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

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