11 Dec 2023
Sunday 22 July 2018
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Iran holds most biotech startups in ME

MNA Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said that Islamic Republic of Iran has the most startups in the Middle East (ME) region in the field of biotechnology and stem cells.

Speaking in the closing ceremony of Biology Olympiad 2018, he said, about two years ago, the Ministry of Education held various expert-level sessions in the course of implementation of this prestigious Olympiad. Also, a report is available that Islamic Republic of Iran managed to hold this eventsuccessfully.

A glance at the history of scientific Olympiads shows that Iran enjoys high capabilities and potentials in the field of manpower, he maintained.

Presently, Iran stands at 13th place among other countries in the world in terms of biotechnology.

He put Irans current rank in terms of stem cells in the world at 14.

Although Iran has gained numerous achievements in the fields of biotechnology and stem cells, the country needs to make more investment in this regard, Sattari observed.

Sattari added, "currently, Islamic Republic of Iran is home to the most startups in the region in terms of biotechnology and stem cells. In the meantime, 98 percent of drugs and medicines are produced inside the country.

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