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Israeli security minister says EU ready to increase pressure on Iran

Sputnik - Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Sunday that he believed US President Donald Trump who had promised to waive sanctions against Iran for the last time, also noting that France, Germany and the United Kingdom also started expressing their readiness to increase pressure on Tehran.

On Friday,Trumpsaid that he had extended Iran's sanctions waivers, stipulated bythe Iran nuclear deal, forthe last time, calling onthe European Union totake part inrewriting the Joint Comprehensive Plan ofAction (JCPOA).
"I definitely believe him [Trump] We also see that the Europeans start realizing that Iran should change its behavior I believe the Germans start expressing their readiness toincrease pressure onIran. I think that the British and the French are also moving inthis direction," Erdan said asquoted byIsrael's Army Radio also known asGalei Tzahal.

According tothe Israeli minister, Iran's actions inSyriaand Lebanon aswell asthe country's ballistic and nuclear programs will convince the European countries that the US president's plans are reasonable.
"I believe that in120 days when he [Trump] will have todecide onwhether the United States will remain inthe agreement [JCPOA] or not, serious changes will take place," the minister stressed.

In July 2015, the EU, Iran and theP5+1group ofnations comprising the US, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom plus Germany signed the JCPOA. The nuclear agreement stipulates a gradual lifting ofsanctions imposed onTehran inexchange forIran's nuclear program program remaining peaceful.

In late October, Trump refused tore-certify the JCPOA, accusing the Islamic Republic ofviolating the agreement.

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