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Iran's FM calls for Kurdish talks with Baghdad

Press TV- Iran says arecent controversial secessionreferendum in the northern Iraqruns counter tothe Arab countrys constitution, calling on Kurdish authorities to negotiate with Baghdad regardless of the outcome of the vote.

"The referendum in Kurdistan was against the Iraqi constitution, which not only does not help the people of Kurdistan, but also is not justifiable for Iraq's security," he told IRNA in New York at the end of a his 12-day stay.

Zarif, who stayed behind to attend UN General Assembly meetings after travelling to New York with President Hassan Rouhani, predicted that the referendum would have "a lot of risks for the security of Iraq and the region."

Our expectation is that negotiations begin with respect to Iraqs Constitution, especially Article 1, which lays emphasis on Iraqs national unity and territorial integrity as irreplaceable principles, withrecenthappenings having no effect on negotiations or the future,"Zarif said.

Article 1 asserts that "the Republic of Iraq is an independent, sovereign nation, and the system of rule in it is a democratic, federal, representative (parliamentary) republic."

Kurdishauthorities went ahead with the referendum despitevociferous opposition voiced by the regional countries and the international community which are worried it could trigger a new conflict in the region.

Rouhani at UN General Assembly

Zarif also said Rouhani's presence at the UN General Assembly was very successful, during which the Iranian president met with US thinkers and representatives of the media and American Muslims.

"In particular, his speech tothe UN General Assembly which was a manifestationof moderation and the firm policy of the Islamic Republic, was welcomed by all participantswho were comparingthe speech with thatby Mr. Tramp," he added.

In his address, Rouhani said Iran followed a policy of constructive cooperation with its neighbors in order to guaranteesecurity and help their development. Iran, he said,is opposed to sectarianism and any attempt to inflamesectarian rifts.

Trump instead accused Iran of engaging in destabilizing activities in the region as he denounced a2015 nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic.

PressTV-Trumps UN speech, 'embarrassment to US'

An analyst says Trumps speech at the United Nations was an "embarrassment" to the United States and undermined the entire diplomatic apparatus of the country.
Zarif also touched on his own meetings with UN officials, his counterparts from a number of countries as well as intellectuals, media persons, and Muslim community representatives during his stay.

"Given a very toxic environment which has been formed against the Islamic Republic, and false interpretations followed with regard to the JCPOA and Iran's regional policies, especially during the presidency of Mr. Tramp in the United States, it was a great opportunity for enlightenment," he said.

The JCPOA is the acronym for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as the nuclear agreement is called.

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