24 Jul 2024
Saturday 13 May 2017 - 10:15
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Iran very different from what is imagined in West: Swiss official

IRNA Deputy director of Swiss province Canton Ticinos Chamber of Commerce said that Iran is largely different from what it is portrayed in the West.

Marco Pasalia, also in charge of the entitys exports affairs in the province in southern Switzerland, made the remarks after a recent visit to Iran along with a 20-member delegation comprising Canton Ticinos tradesmen.

The Swiss delegation was in Iran from April 29 to May 3.

During the visit, we got acquainted with a country enjoying numerous commercial opportunities and saw that it is very different from what is imagined, he told in an interview with the local news channel, ticinonews.

He further noted benefiting the opportunity created after the removal of sanctions against Iran, Canton Ticino can promote its trade ties with Tehran.

Pasalia said at first it was hard to believe that Iran is a country which can be interesting for the Swiss businessmen but on the contrary they have found it very interesting after they visited the country.

Dismissing pre-judgments about Iran, Pasalia noted that Iran boasts of an educated and hospitable nation and the Swiss delegation has communicated with the Iranian people with no problem.
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