26 Feb 2024
Saturday 28 January 2017 - 15:57
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Space center starts construction of Nahid II Satellite

MNA Irans Space Research Center has launched on Sat. the construction project of communications satellite Nahid II.The mission of Nahid II communications satellite is defined as a focus on development and testing of basic technologies needed for building geostationary communication satellites with an operational life of two years that can establish telecommunications and measure radiation and test simultaneous telephone connections.

The satellite will be constructed in dimensions of 64x64 and weigh 100 kilograms. It will be put at an altitude of 500 kilometers from Earth and orbit at an angle of 55 degrees.

Nahid II is slated to be designed and constructed within the next 48 months. The satellites objectives include obtaining knowledge and technology of orbit transfer, development and stabilizing a part of technologies needed in telecommunications shipments, electric power and propulsion systems.

The domestic satellite will use solar cells together with lithium-ion batteries. The project budget was not disclosed to the press, with the officials in charge saying it was confidential.

During the signing ceremony of the contract of Nahid II construction, Irans ICT Minister Mahmoud Vaezi announced that the construction of Nahid I and Dousti satellites were completed, adding we are hoping that Dousti satellite will be put into orbit by March and Nahid I in the next year.
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