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Wednesday 28 September 2016 - 16:57
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Iran ultimate force against terrorism: Rouhani

Irans President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic stands as the ultimate force in the region and the entire worldagainst terrorism, adding that the international community is well aware of the nations true nature.

He made the remarks during an address to a large gathering of people in the northwestern city of Qazvin on Wednesday.

Gone are the days when Iran would be accused of supporting terrorism and the Iranian people would face other accusations such as building nuclear bombs as the true nature of the nation has come to light for the world, he said.

Iran has managed to retain its security, despite the chaos bubbling up throughout most of the region. The country has also successfully lent advisory support to Iraq and Syria in their fight against foreign-backed militancy.

Rouhani said, so far this year, he had met with 22 world leaders, all of whom had first and foremost congratulated the country on preserving its national strength in the face of world powers, with member states of the Non-aligned Movement having termed the victory as one not only for Iran, but also for the developing world.

He was referring to the countrys signing a nuclear deal with world powers in Vienna last year, which put an end to the Wests dispute over Irans peaceful nuclear program.

During the talks leading to the agreement, the country told the world that advanced technology cannot remain the monopoly of a certain number of countries, Rouhani asserted.

Not only did we defend the Iranian peoples right, but also we defended the rights of all of the worlds freedom-seeking nations, the Iranian chief executive concluded.

By Press TV

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