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Wednesday 17 August 2016 - 15:18
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Lavrov: Russia not violating UNSC resolution by deploying jets to Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is not violating a UN Security Council resolution by deploying jets to Iran to carry out strikes against terrorists in Syria.

"There is no reason to suspect Russia of violating 2231 UNSC resolution," Lavrov said Wednesday.

"According to this resolution, supplies, sale and transfer of certain types on weapons, including combat aircraft, should be agreed with the UNSC. In the case we are discussing, there were no supply, sale or transfer of combat jets to Iran. These jets are are used by the Russian Aerospace Forces to conduct an anti-terrorist operation in the Syrian Arab Republic at the request of the legitimate Syrian leadership."

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed onTuesday that it had deployed Tu-22M3 bombers and Su-34 strike fighters inIran and these aircraft have already been used tocarried outairstrikes againstDaesh inSyria.

Following the news, the US State Department said that it is studying whether Moscow violated a UNSC resolution bydeploying jets toan Iranian airbase.
"If someone wants tofind [violations] concerning the remaining restrictions ontrade and other communication withIran, we should also study how a huge amount ofcash fromthe US made it intoIran, why bank transfers fromthe US toIran indollars were made that is absolutely prohibited bythe US law," Lavrov emphasized.

Lavrov added that parties involved should aim tofind a solution tothe Syrian crisis. The main task inSyria is toachieve coordination betweenRussia and the United States, the Russian top diplomat said.

Speaking ofhis phone conversation withUS State Secretary John Kerry onTuesday, Lavrov confirmed that specific mechanisms tobring tolife the agreements reached duringKerrys July 15 visit toMoscow are discussed acrossa range offormats.

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