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Velayati: Riyadh misreads Iran-Arab ties

TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) Leaders senior adviser Ali Akbar Velayati said Saudis are under the illusion that they have closer ties than Iran with Arab states as Iran has no problems with [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Speaking in an interview with the Lebanese al-Mayadeen television channel, Adviser to the Leader and Head of Strategic Research CenterAli Akbar Velayati noted that Iran would never interfere with Lebanons domestic affairs as no country possesses the right to do so in the existing critical situation; Aleppo is Syria's second most important city and its liberation remains a top priority.

The official urged the legitimate government of Syria to find a solution through political dialogue; friends and enemies of Syria are cognizant that no foreign option can be imposed on the Syrian people.

Touching upon Bashar al-Assads presidency, Irans Velayati underlined given that Syrians elected al-Assad as their president two years ago, he will remain in the office until a different decision is taken on the part of the Syrian nation.

He pointed to the need to amend Syrias constitution via the legal government adding Assads staying in position until the end of his office marks Irans redline."

Velayati deemed the existence of a consensus between Russia and the US on all Syrian issues as less likely; undoubtedly, Moscow-Washington have differences on Bashar al-Assad as Americans want the Syrian president to step aside."

Head of Strategic Research Center highlighted that the Iranian peoples resistance will support Syria and Iraq in dealing with terrorists saying we would support any legal entity in Iraq and we oppose all illegal measures in the neighboring country; USand Saudi Arabia have no right to interfere in Iraq's internal affairs.

Pointing to Iran-US relations, the official said Americans are not sincere in talks with Iran as they have failed to fulfill commitments and build barriers for every party that wants to engage with Iran.

Leaders senior advisor also referred to Iran-Saudi Arabia relations,commenting,Iran supports Iraqi and Syrian governments while Saudis are backing the enemies of the two countries; we have good relations with the [Persian]Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) though Saudis mistakenly think that they have stronger ties than Iran with Arab states.

At the end of his remarks, Velayati highlighted the situation in Yemen concluding despite a year of invasion of in Yemen, we observe that the nation is stronger compared with the past.

By Mehr News Agency

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