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Friday 29 April 2016 - 12:50
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Qashqavi: 4.5m obtained Iran visa last year

Tehran, April 29, IRNA - Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Hassan Qashqavi said on Thursday negotiations with 30 countries to ease visa formalities are underway and some 4.5 million of foreigners obtained Iran's visa last year.

During the period the number of Iranian applicants, who obtained European visas, increased by 30 percent and some 50 percent for non-European countries indicating credibility of Iranian passports and easing visa issuance, he said.

Countries such as Turkey, Syria and Bolivia are among countries which do not require visa for both sides' nationals, he said.

Iran unilaterally has canceled visa for Azeri and Egyptian nationals and Lebanese nationals can obtain a 30-day air port visa at no cost, he said.
Malaysian nationals can collect a 15-day airport visa at no cost as well, Qashqavi said.

Countries except the US, Britain, Canada, Jordan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India (Excluding Iraq who can obtain air port visa at Mashad airport) other countries can obtain a 30-day airport visa upon arrival, he said.

He also advised the foreign nationals to obtain visa through Iran's consulate offices due to lack of personnel at the Iranian airport to save time, he said.

Medical treatment visa will be issued half the price of tourist visa for the patients and their accompaniers, he said.

About three thousand Iranian inmates are kept in custody of foreign countries, he said.

Saudi Arabia is dutifully paid the blood money of martyrs of Hajj ritual ceremony in Mica, he said.

Since political and consulate contact with Saudi Arabia are now severed, the country is responsible for any delay in holding such ritual ceremony, he said.

It was Saudi Arabia who unilaterally cut ties with Iran and the country's officials should be accountable to world public opinion in dealing with the issue, he said.

Iran requires legal guarantees from Saudi officials to part take at Hajj rituals ceremony, Qashqavi said.

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