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Saturday 16 February 2013 - 13:00
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Countdown starts for collapse of Al Khalifa in Bahrain: Iran MP

The Al Khalifa family in Bahrain is on the brink of collapse as the Bahraini people can no longer tolerate the authoritarian rule of the regime, an Iranian lawmaker says.
Ebrahim Aqa-Mohammadi, a member of Irans Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said on Saturday, Countdown has started for the overthrow of Al Khalifa regime.
He pointed to the second anniversary of the outbreak of the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf sheikhdom, saying, The inequality of wealth distribution in Bahrain and the ban on political freedoms have persecuted the people of Bahrain and ultimately incited them against the regime.
Getting the support of Saudi forces and also the green light of hegemonic countries, particularly the US, the Al Khalifa regime committed massacre in the country and even used violence against children and women; therefore, in response to such actions, the Bahraini people will not be satisfied with anything, except for the removal of the violent regime, the Iranian lawmaker stated.

Bahrainis have held major anti-regime demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the uprising of mid-February 2011.

The demonstrators say they will continue holding protests until their demands for the establishment of a democratically-elected government and an end to rights violations are met.

By Press TV


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