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Beach garbage hotel to be created on Hormoz Island

Beach garbage hotel to be created on Hormoz Island
TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) A tourism team is planning to create the first hotel in Iran created from rubbish on Hormoz Island, calling on people to help with collecting garbage for the project.

Amin Davaei, the executive manager of a tourist group, told Mehr News that in the first step, the team will collect garbage and debris from Hormoz beach to be used for creating residential buildings there.

In fact we are planning to build a hotel from garbage. The projects pilot will begin from mid-March on Hormoz Island and in the meantime, we will try to gather the island residents to help us with collecting rubbish and turning it into special structures for building a resort, he said.

He went on to add that in the next step, the construction of the residential site will commence as necessary coordination has been made with officials on Hormoz Island and the permits have been obtained.

We have also held cooperation with tourism activists on the island. Our purpose in doing so is to collect garbage from the beach and raise awareness about the environment. On the other hand, we believe we can attract more tourists to Hormoz Island by constructing a rather different hotel for them to reside in, he added.

Hormoz Island in the Persian Gulf with its many attractions such as colorful mountains, colored earth, multicolored stones and salt caves, make it one of the hottest tourist spots in Iran. The beauty of nature, kindness of indigenous people as well as extremely favorable climate in the months during late autumn and winter are even more reasons for tourists to choose Hormoz Island as their destination.

By Mehr News Agency
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