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Monday 8 February 2016 - 18:14
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Eurasia offers more than trade to Iran

Kazakhstan says it sees a "brilliant" future in partnership with Iran to capture the Eurasian market.

A delegation of 260 Kazakh traders and industrialist headed by the Central Asian countrys Investment and Development Minister Asset Issekeshev is currently visiting Iran to forge new business relations.

Officials said the two countries economies were "ready to open up all possibilities" together, citing a lot of room for development.

"We're here because we want to take advantage of opportunities for our companies, vice president of Kazakhstan's Agency for Foreign Direct Investment Almas Aidarov said, quoted by the EFE news agency.

Officials of the two countries discussed opening the Eurasian market to both nations in ordercomplement each other, they said.

According to Aidarov, the lifting of sanctions on Iran has created "a new scenario" for cooperation.

Irans Minister of Mine, Trade and Industry Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said Irans position as a bridge between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman is crucial to facilitatingregional connectivity.

Iran and Central Asian nations have stepped up work on establishing an integrated freight railway network to link Asia to the Persian Gulf, Europe and Africa.

It is part of an ambitious Chinese plan to revive the Silk Road which would require building of a network of roads, railways, ports and airports.

Central Asian countries plan to carry their bulk and container cargoes from the Incha-Burun border crossing in Iran's northern Golestan province to southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas.

Last June, head of Kazakhstans national railway company Askar Mamin visited Iran's Shahid Rajaee and Bandar Abbas ports.

Officials said at the time thatthe Kazakhs were interested in investing in Bandar Shahid Rajaee for construction of silos in order to store its wheat crop in the port and facilitate shipments.

By Press TV
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