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Monday 8 February 2016 - 16:17
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Iran achieves 90% self-sufficiency in water & electricity industries

Tehran, February 8,The Iran Project Iran has achieved more than 90% self-sufficiency in water and electricity industries unlike the cruel sanctions, being currently one of the top countries in production and export of power plants equipment and dam constructions, minister of energy announces.

Hamid Chitichian, Iran's Minister of Energy made the remarks during the ceremony to inaugurate the gas section of a combined cycle power plant in Bandar Abbas.

Explaining that the Western Sanctions and pressure in past years couldnt affect the country's fast movement toward development in the energy industry, he underlined Iran's top position worldwide in production and export of power plants' relevant equipment and construction of dams.

The minister referred to the country's inability in energy industry several decades ago, highlighting Iran's remarkable achievement to transform from an importing country into an exporting one in this industry.

Iran's self-sufficiency in production and installment of all types of turbines is also announced by Abbas Ali Abadi, the managing director of MAPNA. During his speech in this ceremony, he pointed the company's capacity to supply internal needs and to export its engineering technical services to foreign countries.

Earlier the energy minister had said that by generating 90% of needed electricity within the country, Iran is among the top seven countries which consume the home-made generated electricity.
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