21 Feb 2024
Sunday 7 February 2016 - 15:13
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Iran elections need no international monitoring: MP

A senior Iranian lawmaker slams a request by three US lawmakers for visas to Iran to monitor the upcoming elections, saying polls in the Islamic Republic need no international monitoring.

Elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran need no international oversight and in case of any need (to monitoring), that (monitor) will definitely not be the United States, Chairman of the Iranian Parliaments Committee on National Security and Foreign PolicyAlaeddin Boroujerditold IRIB news on Saturday.

He added that the Americans have no right to make such an inappropriate request to observe Irans elections.

The Iranian lawmaker emphasized that the Islamic Republic has the most powerful democracy in the region and our elections are quite transparent andin line with international regulations.

On Thursday, three hawkish US Republican lawmakers applied for visas to Iran to observe the elections, visit the country's nuclear sites and meet with officials of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The next elections for the 10th term of the IranianMajlis (parliament) and the 5th term of the Assembly of Experts willtakeplace simultaneously on February 26.

By Press TV
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