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Thursday 21 January 2016 - 13:08
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US spokesperson hopes for solving Syria issue with Iran’shelp

Tehran, Jan 21, IRNA – US Foreign Secretary Spokesman Alan Eyre hoped for the settlement of the Syrian crisis through Iran’s help.

The Farsi-speaking diplomat further said the crisis in Syria could only be settled by the help of regional countries including Iran.

Talking to Voice of America, he also commented on the degree of optimism Washington holds for enhancing level of interaction and cooperation between Iran and the US for solving remaining issues and said the recent developments just indicated that even complicated issues could be settled through interaction and cooperation.

To prove his point, the US diplomat referred to adoption of an attitude of interaction instead of confrontation which happened for the first time in the case of Iran’s nuclear dossier in which all parties involved got in a win-win game and could advance their own national interests.

He also noted that the release of American sailors who had mistakenly trespassed Iranian territorial waters was sufficient proof to the case.

However, he added, it was not clear yet whether the same thing could happen to other regional issues.

“But, we still hope for that,’ he stressed.

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