7 Dec 2023
Saturday 2 January 2016
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Iran educates hundreds of prisoners during jail term

Tehran, January 2, The Iran Project-The head of Iran's Evin Prison says some 500 prisoners are spending their educational careers at high school and university levels during their terms of imprisonment.

Rahim Yousefi, the head of Evin's prison on Saturday said that based on the cooperation agreement with Payame-Noor University and Iran's University of Applied Science and Technology, the prisoners have been enabled to study at university during their convictions.

"Some 500 prisoners are currently spending their careers at high school level, Bachelor and Master programs, during their terms of imprisonment," he stated, adding that scientific and cultural growth is highly effective in decreasing the level of crimes in each society.

Elsewhere in his remarks he reiterated that there is no limitation for prisoners to study, and they are able to spend their careers from the primary school to the highest level of education.

He also referred that Quranic sciences, English translation and Business management are three main subjects for more than 100 university students in this prison.

Evin Prison is located in northwestern Tehran, housing hundreds of prisoners.

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